Available for Desktop and iOS

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Desktop Features 

  • Available for VST/AU/AAX/Standalone
  • 88 Distint Timbres
  • 60 Mechanical FX
  • Full VKFX FX Suite
  • 21GB Samples (Desktop)
  • 126 Presets

iOS Features 

  • AUv3 Compatible
  • iPad Pro HD Graphics
  • 11GB (Compressed to 4GB) iOS
  • 16-Bit low memory buffers  for older iOS devices
  • Same presets as desktop version
  • VKFX FX Suite Optimized for iOS

Includes the legendary VKFX from Overloud™. The effects are included as standalone effects in your DAW (Desktop Only). We offer the same VKFX suite for iOS as well.

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